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FREE 4-day online event on how to claim command over our bodies, our mindset and our lives.
October 19th - 22nd
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The ultimate event for local Las Vegans 
and anyone else seeking to level up their energy, confidence and mindset.
FREE 4-day online event how to claim command over our bodies, our mindset and our lives.
October 19th - 22nd
Join anytime before Oct 22nd.
The ultimate event for local Las Vegans
and anyone else seeking to level up their energy, confidence and mindset.
Learn how to personally and professionally claim command over your future with secrets from 25 of the top health, fitness, career, finance and small business experts.
Speakers Featured in
14 year NHL Star and top ranked Peak Performance Life and Business Coach
Breynan Hammons
Investor, Forbes Contributor, Consultant, Speaker, Digital Marker, Founder of Innvio
Sean Malone
Co-Founder & CSO at Sales Ascenders and the Co-Owner at Malone Marketing
Akbar Sheikh
#1 International Best selling author,  Top 30 Social Entrepreneur, creates 7 figure coaches
Kinesiology Degree, Cal Strength Graduate, USAW Weightlifting Certification, Director of Personal Training at the Rhino Gym
Co-Founder of Sales Ascenders, Ninja Warrior, and Self Made Success Story
George Bryant
New York Times Best Selling Author, has helped build over 100 7-figure businesses, 50 8-and-9-figure businesses, and 2 10-figure businesses
Best Selling Author, "Stop Worrying About Your Anxious Child"
Resilience Coach, Speaker, Trainer and Author
Nutrition Director, the Rhino Gyms. Bachelor of Nutrition Sciences, Precision Nutrition L1, CFL1
Career Strategist,  Founder of Ride the Tide Collective, & Podcaster
Author, Speaker, Coach, 2x Cancer Survivor, Founder of the Pain to Power Women's Movement
Entrepreneur, Automator, Time-Hacker
Mobility Coach, Personal Trainer, Dec 20 Graduate with a Bachelors in Public Health Science and Kinesiology, Rhino Gym Coach
Jelena Ostrovska
Business Coach, Speaker, Organic Growth Expert
Anna Sergunina
President & CEO at Mainstreet Financial Planning, Inc, Money Planner, CFP®
Whitney Hopper
Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, and Happiness Coordinator at the Rhino Gyms
Theresa Goss
Entrepreneur, Executive Producer, Director, Host, Speaker, Trainer & Consultant
Former U.S. Naval Officer, Masters In Kinesiology, NSCA, USA Triathlon, Precision Nutrition., Rhino Gym Coach
Entrepreneur, Founder of Be Your Own Business Opportunity and Founder/ Consultant at Hired Resolution Inc 
Anthony DeGazon
Co-Founder of TheLessonsGurus.com, Co-Founder of DeGazon Music Studios, host of the Child Enrichment Summit
Norman Chen
Finance and Operations Director at Quarto Products Pte Ltd. From Rich to Poor To rich to MONK to 1% Crazy
Kailen Hurley
Director of Personal Training at the NW Rhino Gym, CFL1, and CRNW's Head Hype Man
Charmin Rickards
Executive Director with the John Maxwell Team, retired Lieutenant Commander who served over 22 years in the United States Navy
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Oct 19
Claim Command Over Your Health
  • Motivation - Learn how to get motivated after the pandemic 
    Rhino Julie
  • How to rise up from the pit and live the big life  
    Dave Scatchard
  • You can do anything, no matter where you come from - Learn how to overcome any background or obstacle  
    George Bryant
  • My journey of 'Not Fat by 40' and what I ACTUALLY learned 
    Dr. Erin Caliri
  • Learn how a 60 year old CrossFit Games Athlete overcomes obstacles and keeps her happy
    Debbie Corwin
  • Learn how Coach Kailen got out of his funk and started LIVING.
    Kailen Hurley
  • Nutrition - Learn exactly what to eat, without restrictions, so you can feel better
    Sabrina Atterbom
  • Learn how to control our mind and body
    Coach Adrian Wolff
Oct 20
  Bravery and Choosing a New Path
  • Learn how to get confidence so you can go for what you want
    Rhino Julie
  • Learn the one routine you need to become successful. PLUS the 3 keys to becoming successful in any business
    Sean Malone
  • Making Enough Money to Make a Difference - Learn how to be successful, no matter where you come from, so you can make a difference in the World
    Akbar Sheikh
  • Bravery - Learn how to become brave enough to make the choices and take the steps you need to transform your life
    Wanda Brown
  • Find a New Career - Learn how to strategize and take action after the pandemic to find a career that makes you happy and whole
    Julia - Ride the Tide Collective
  • How to get that old feeling back. The feeling you had when you were on a team in high school or college.
    Dakota Shackleton
  • Improve your finances - Learn how to get your personal finances in order and live your best financial life -even while in the midst of chaos
    Anna Sergunina
  • Learn how a Las Vegas local left a corporate job and struck out on his own
    Breynan Hammons
Oct 21
Healing, Coping, and TAKING ACTION
  • Resilience - Learn how to feel better faster in the middle of life crashing down, learn how to think more clearly, learn how to stand up again after being knocked down. 
    Ana Cristina Hicks
  • Managing Anxiety - How to manage the anxiety that comes with a global pandemic and economic uncertainty
    Tonya Collings Crombie
  • Manage your time working from home - Learn tactics, hacks and tools to manage your time working from home
    Emily Rowlen Martinez
  • How to choose programs for your children and how to have a happy family
    Anthony DeGazon
  • Learn how to get out of bed without pain
    Derrick Lanham
  • Get help pulling out of the physical and emotional slumps
    Whitney Hopper
  • How to bootstrap your way to success
    Theresa Goss
Oct 22
 Small Business Owner Bonus
  • Motivation - Learn how you can make your own money, be your own boss and do your own thing online
    Lawrence Kim
  • Sales - Learn how to love selling and feel great about the value you're giving to your clients
    Chris Baden
  • Staffing - Learn how to find and keep good employees. Learn how to develop your managers to keep good employees.
    Julia Toothacre
  • Free advertising - learn how to get free advertising for your business and easily make your brand look good
    Jelena Ostrovska
  • How to overcome your limiting beliefs and turn your passion into profit
    Charming Rickards
  • Learn how having to close down his restaurant became his mission
    Norman Chen and Renato Buhlmann
  • Learn the one routine you need to become successful. PLUS the 3 keys to becoming successful in any business
    Sean Malone
  • Let's put it all together! Key takeaways and celebrations
    Rhino Julie
Rhino Julie
Owner/Founder, The Camp RHino Gyms
Rhino Julie owns the 3 Rhino gyms in Las Vegas, Nevada and has been an entrepreneur since she started her first business at 17 years old. She is Las Vegas-Raised and has been featured many times on KVBC Channel 3, FOX 5, the Las Vegas Review Journal, and other local publications for her dedication to helping Las Vegas locals. 

Currently, she is helping the 'good guys' win in her city by FIRST helping them feel amazing inside and out so they can then go and change their corner of the World. She believes that healthy, happy people can change the energy of an entire city and impact the whole World. 

She loves talking business, personal growth and relationships. She works out at her Southeast Rhino gym every day and enjoys her life with her boyfriend, brothers, parents, team and dog.

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All family owned and operated by long-time local Las Vegans

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